Using This Site

Get a Bible

It is really important that you have access to the written Word of God which is the Bible. There are several free Bible Apps available that you can download to your phone especially if you don’t have access to an actual printed Bible. See General Info for suggestions as to which Bible would be suitable for you.


Since there are many words used in the Bible that aren’t part of our everyday language don’t forget that there is a glossary of terms to explain these words. Any word you see in red can be clicked on to link you directly to the definition in the Glossary. Use your back arrow on your browser to return to your original position.


The essential element of this journey is your personal relationship with God – Father, Son and Holy Spirit. This website is designed to help you in that Journey with Biblical guidelines and principles however you are the one who needs to build the relationship. So at various points there are sections in blue marked Activate which are for you to engage in to enable you in this relationship building process.


There is a lot to discover and this whole website is arranged in modular form so that you can freely move around to different areas as needed. However we do strongly suggest that you begin with the next section titled You Are Loved on the menu – especially the subheadings Spending Time and Get To Know God – as these are essential keys to your journey. While you may wish to get an overview of the whole website to begin with – don’t rush through the sections. Take each part slowly and always work through the Activate sections – like giving food time to digest!


Verses that are used in full are printed in Italics and are direct quotes from the Bible. You may have also noticed that at certain points there is a Bible reference in brackets. In this case the actual verse is not quoted in full however the content of the sentence can be verified by that Bible reference.


Menu items which have an arrow beside them show that there are subsections available. Click on the arrow and a drop down list of these subsections will appear. Then just click on the subsection you want to look at.


Having made a decision to accept Jesus, it is really important that you find a church congregation to meet with. The Bible tells us in Hebrews 10: 25 to assemble together and encourage one another. It is usually best to choose a local church which has a strong Biblical base, that clearly demonstrates the love of God and is Spirit-filled. These terms may unfamiliar to you so pray and ask God to show you where He wants you to go, where you will be loved and nurtured in Christ.